If you are one (like myself) who

  • works on Linux - using especially command-line tools
  • does coding and sysadmin tasks
  • wants a tool for arranging as many terminals as possible on the screen

then Gnome Terminator is the program you probably need.

Install Terminator package in Ubuntu (or Debian)

Terminator is now a native package of Debian and Ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install terminator

Notice that this may be not the most recent version.

Install Terminator using Ubuntu PPA

You may get the very latest Terminator from Ubuntu PPA:

$ sudo add apt-repository ppa:gnome-terminator
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install terminator

Run Terminator inside a container

You may also choose run Terminator inside a Docker container.

I will explore this option in a future post. Stay tuned!

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